Better with a flower

While there is about 5 spare minutes in my household I am sharing the almost finished product.
This cardigan is based on EZ's February Baby Sweater. It's the cutest design doing the blog round. I am only about 5 yrs behind or something.
Anyway, I had a lot of assistance with getting notes for sizing as I made this up to fit my almost 4 yr old. It just fits her with no growing room so Baby J will get a wear out of this next winter at least. It should have had an extra lace repeat across the back for it last through a growth spurt.
My Ravelry notes are here.
I am saying it's almost finished because I really need to dye this.
As per my previous post I had to use a different colour as I couldn't find the same colour when I ran out of yarn. I used almost 4 balls to make this up. There's some left to make cute crochet flowers.

It does look better with a crochet flower though however, I was going to dye this pink so I'll need a crochet flower in it's original colour.

But it still needs blocking and a dye job.
I really loved kniting this although I was rather impatient.
After a few inches of the lace repeat I understood how it worked out and knew where I had gone wrong as I was going along. You do need to concentrate or you'll muck up the lace pattern. I knit the sleeves in the round with dpns and they were fiddly and I didn't count my rows so one sleeve is probably a bit longer than the other. I also forgot that you have to knit a knit row where you would have a purl round (when knitting the in the round) so the left sleeve is wierder than the right. I don't think it's noticeable though. At least she may get some spring time wear from this. I can't wait to make it in a baby jacket though so looking forward to that.
Next up I have decided on a baby jacket which will be sewed up. Love instant gratification.
My time's up. Must head off and finish a few house chores.
Ooooh I must get my hands on this jewellery kit at etelage. They're located in Newtown and right near All Buttons Great and Small so I think I'll have to make a trip there this month.
Catch ya later.


  1. That cardi is gorgeous! I think it looks fabulous and the flower makes it stand out even more.


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