Rumpus House

I went into work a few weeks ago and told my boss that I was coming back to work.
He was fine with it as I have made a career out of having my babies and working part-time.
Plus I work in government so they have to allow me back.

I told my team leader that the house is a mess because well, we don't have a Rumpus Room.
"Oh it's a Rumpus House" he said. We laughed as we both have kids and know what it is like.
I'm not sure if you're familiar with the term but a Rumpus room is just for the kids to play and let loose without cluttering up the rest of the house. A Playroom if you will.

So I sat here at my desk with a slightly bashed up laptop thinking about how time slips away most of the day. How my stomach turned at the thought of dealing with people and managers at work again but how lovely it is to bring in some much needed income and have some time away to think about other things than dirty nappies, laundry, cleaning, cooking and dust.
I am currently awaiting an old summer edition of Ottobre and plan to buy some zips for a gathered clutch.

I decided that I didn't like the junk that [we]hubby is storing in the computer/craft room so I moved it around and took some down. I'm not sure where to put the rest. I don't have storage boxes and our garage is rather full. Hmmmm. Maybe it wasn't a good plan after all. I am sure I am one of the 9/10 people who don't know how to pack up and organise. I need an Ikea person to sort the room out.

Well that made my head hurt so I made brownies instead. Thanks Betty Crocker. You rock!
This Fudge Choc Chip Brownie rocks! It's chewy in the middle and the chocolate taste is fantastic. Next time I will make up two boxes instead of just the one.
This fabulous dish was last night's dinner. It's from the recent Australian Good Food magazine. All it is is spinach, toasted pine nuts, cream, seasoning, tinned tomatoes, chicken and mushies. Yummm. The kids didn't really go for it but trust me, it was deeee-lish.

Well my little baby is growing up so fast. She is 10months already!
She is commando crawling and eating everything I put in her mouth. Not bad for someone who only has two bottom teeth. We all love to cuddle her and kiss her until we are satisfied which really never happens. She is still waiting for something mama-made. Bad mummy!

I'm going to test out some Red Velvet Cupcakes for a Holy Communion this Sunday so I'll let you know how that pans out. If they are good I'll have to make some for Little Miss turning 4 in September!!!
Hope your life is full of fun, craft and love too.


  1. I love your blog, Kim. I am a keen crafter with 2 kids and went back to work 4 years ago. You have made some beautiful things -- including the brownies ;) All the best! Danielle from Melbourne

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