A Messenger Bag

This is my first ever Messenger Bag and I am thrilled with it.
I was up last night after they were all in bed trying to pick out the best fabric in my stash for this project but I only picked out this lovely corduroy this morning.

I used the fabulous tutorial from Fishsticks and Fries.
The only moderation I made was to make it a bit smaller as it's for a young niece.
However, it's still quite big. But I am quite happy that it fits an A4 folder so they can even use it to lug around school books etc.

Here it is next to the A4 folder. The dimensions for the bag was a 39.5cm square.
I didn't even realise I had cut out a perfect square when making this up. I could not find the pattern for the flap though so I cut the width the same as the bag and length to 3/4 of the bag front. I used 1cm seam allowance for the sides and 1/4" for top stitching.

I was considering using some webbing for the straps and when I couldn't find it I just ended up biting the bullet and making it using my own dimensions so it would be 4cm wide.
I had some times when I didn't think I'd make it... all my measuring devices seemed to be hiding when I needed them and my walking foot, well, walked off somewhere but I did end up using it and don't regret the 10mins I spent looking for it.

So, what are you still doing here? Go and make one. You will LOVE it.

You could do it standing on your head ; )


  1. Your bag looks fantastic! I'm sure your niece will love it. I've always wanted to make a messenger but for some reason it seems the hardest out of all the bag. Will definitely try this in the new year. Thanks for the inspiration ^_^


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