Too little time

If you're stuck for some stocking stuffers or gifts for Xmas I think
this Pink Diary is terrific. I spotted the National Breast Cancer Foundation Pink Diary (what a mouthful) at Target the other day and bought it for myself.

It's a Week to Opening on A5 so it's perfect for me to check out my schedule for the week.
Especially now that I am back to working part-time.
I've already pencilled in some apppointments and scheduled ultrasound.

The great thing about going back to work is working near a fabric store so I can pop down at lunch and pick up a few goodies. I love this soft cotton dobby. I'm not sure if it will turn into a dress or top yet but it was too good to pass up at $5 a metre. I also picked up interfacing for $2.40/mtr and some rope to make these irresistable on the go baby change sacks.

This week's been quite hectic and full of emotion.
I must admit that at times being a full-time mother is quite isolating, frustrating and darn impossible on some days. Luckily I've forced myself to whip up some desserts to wash away those hardships. I pulled the recipe for this yummy chocolate self saucing pudding from the Junior Masterchef website. It's missing the hazelnuts but everyone loved it. Even hubby really liked it.

I am thinking about Charlie/Reversible bags for the impossible to buy for nieces.
Whether or not I get around to making any is another question.
I don't know how mums of 3 do it and I take my hat off to them. It's hard work finding your own personal time or maybe I am just not looking hard enough? lol.

Have a crafty weekend,
Kim XO


  1. I hear you Kim - I am a mum of three 5-2yrs and all 17 odd months apart. I have about 30 minutes of non-housework and non-mum things a day. That is all. Unless I stay up late (which I do most nights) and then I may get an hour or so of me time. Unfortunatly by that stage I am so tired that sewing is too daunting a task so I sit online and read the news and emails!

    It is so easy to get consummed with all the tasks of a SAHM , but I have made a concious effort this year to make more time for me and fun time for the kids - I try and keep the house tidy and not stress if it is a little dusty here and there.

    Ummm...what will it be like with 4?? I'm sure you'll be great.

  2. The pink notebook looks like it would come very much in handy and for such a good cause. Also good stocking stuffer!


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