3 months ago...

3months ago I gave birth to this precious little boy.
It wasn't a long labour but perhaps a little longer than the last two labours I had.
Right now he is snuggled next to me as I have some time of my own. He loves to smile at me and talks ALOT. It's mainly cooing sounds but it's too cute. He's also started to giggle when he's tickled. Sometimes I wish he wasn't my last but other times I just can't wait for him to grow up.

I have always loved the look of canvas prints and when I recieved my very own canvas from Bags of Love in the UK, I was really surprised how lovely it turned out. The picture of Elijah was printed on a very thick and durable canvas wrapped around a wooden frame. I chose this print as it was a lovely black and white photo I took recently but obviously I needed more light and photography skills.  I really like how his features are so clear on the print and not grainy. We haven't put it up on a wall yet but I will do it this week.

Check out the Bags of Love site and you will find lots of inspiration for personal gifts and memories that you can print of your loved ones. I do like those personalised purses too (see linky to the right) but they have a whole range of items you can choose from. With christmas on it's way I'm sure you'll be able to tick this off the list and have pressies ready by then.

Ok, I've decided to draw the Giveaway winner since I have planned to go to the post office on Wednesday.
True Random decided that comment #3 by Dansie has won the tutu! So please e-mail me with your address and I will pack up the tutu for you. Congrats on starting your own blog too.

Nighty night all. Must.Sleep.....


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