Princess Party and a Tutu skirt Giveaway

Tiara cake

We had a few days of celebrating for a special little (not little anymore) firstborn who turned 5.
Quite honestly I am not a party planner. I think of things to add to lists and hope they don't get forgotten come party day. First we had cupcakes at Preschool. Fairy sprinkles for girls and choclette sprinkles for the boys. These were already in my pantry but if they weren't we'd have boring cupcakes cos I'd forgotten to buy any type of sprinkles at all. I ruined the first batch of icing with melted butter and luckily hubby was already out so he picked up a box of icing mix for me which was just enough for 24 cupcakes.

Trifle Cups

Then we had dinner at mums and my sister made lots of little desserts and cupcakes. The chocolate custard filled cupcakes were a hit. Lastly on Sunday she shared the Fathers Day celebrations with the whole family and we had a Tiara cake made up for her. I made the trifle cups and felt so very happy that they too turned out. The icing I sprinkled on top melted by the time we served it though.

My Oliver + S Little Things to Sew book arrived just in time for me to make the tutu skirts.
I was really worried about not having enough tulle and gees, if you calculate it, 5yds of tulle can get pretty pricey. I'll spare you the details but after getting a bit confused over the directions I managed to get my head around it and cut out enough pieces to make two skirts.

I love how it's constructed so it's reversible and non-scratchy. I used a double layer of mushroom, white, pink and pink with lovehearts tulle. It came out really lovely and the ribbon is my favourite colour, dusty pink. The Mettler thread was the perfect match as you need to do topstitching.

My daughter loved the skirt and kept it on all night. My niece, ahh, not so much. She had it on for all of 2mins and then took it off so she could run around. I was a bit deflated after making all the effort during the day to make hers. Oh well, kids will be kids. So guess what, I'll be giving it away to one lucky reader.
The skirt measures 16" long and 22" wide which wraps around and ties at the back.

Just leave a comment about your party planning tips and I'll draw out a winner by Friday or when I have enough comments, lol. I'll be resting as I've picked up a throat infection and I'm all partied out.


  1. The DOLLAR STORE! Thats my biggest tip. I found I save a ton there for party supplys ;)

  2. Hire somewhere (we hired an animal farm for Miss 8's recent birthday) and them take all the work on!

  3. I've noticed that rainbow parties seem to be a bit trendy atm. My son turned 4 this year and he wanted a rainbow jelly cake (it wasn't a rainbow themed party) so over a few days I layered and set the jelly in the colours. When it came time to turn the cake out, the jelly was too heavy and it kind of collapsed! i was devastated. Hubby came to the rescue and we bought a slab of cake and cut it into Roary the racing car, and used the rainbow jelly which we cut into squares and all the kids thought it was awesome. Moral of the story: keep it simple. Kids are fairly happy with whatever is there, it doesn't have to be perfect. Don't forget to breathe when planning! It helps to have a plan B too (Ie: if its raining have some indoor games planned).

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