Into the New Year

I am sad that Christmas and New Years is over as we had lots of fun this season.
Above is a really yummy and easy Rocky Road I made using Frys Turkish Delights, rice bubbles, dessicated coconut, marshmallows, milk choc, dark choc and white chocolate for the top. Mmmmmmmm.
What was rather cool is that the white chocolate turned out a beige colour because I was too lazy to use another bowl to melt the chocolate so the milk choc coloured the white chocolate as I stirred. It looks really good and tastes even better.

I even did this small piece of sewing. After I saw it on Make it and Love it I knew I had to make my own knit skirt from a spare large mens t-shirt. After not using instructions the first time it didn't work out on the overlocker so I gathered the skirt and then sewed on the waistband using my Janome sewing machine and then overlocked the edges. It turned out fine and it's so soft and comfy. Great for around the home or beach! I think I could even make a few more for the girls.

This was the setting at mums for Xmas. My sister went all out with the decorations.
It was magical. There were tealights on the table, flowers in little vases, flowers in big vases and orchids hanging from lanterns. Xmas is always fun at mums.

This absolutely delicious appetizer was made by my youngest sis: Queen of entrees.
It's a delectable mouthful of salmon, avocado, prawn and real caviar. Heaven I tell you. I ate about 3 of them, ok maybe 4.

Don't ask me why it's blurry but I ordered this dress from Modcloth yesterday.
I knew it was a Had to Have It now dress! I hope it arrives before a wedding in Feb ( an e-mail sent already states that it has been sent) and it had better fit. Fingers crossed.
You can see the actual dress here.

In other news we bought our eldest her first school uniform. She'll be attending Kindergarten this year. Sob.
I should be happy that she's growing up. I mean I am. I hope the school really helps her to shine this year.

So onwards and upwards everyone. Take care of yourselves this holiday.


  1. Love your skirt! and all that food is making me hungry Kx


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