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Wow, the dress arrived yesterday and I love it. It's my favourite dusty pink colour.
The jersey knit is really comfy and the medium size was perfect for my 5' 2" frame. The lace is really cute and it will be perfect for a party/dinner occassion. It's not dressy enough for a wedding though but perfect for a pre-wedding party, which, for the Europeans, is typically held for related families a week before the actual wedding and is child-friendly.

This is a better pic of how the bodice fits. It's a bit darker in colour than what you see here.
I'm not sure if the lace will fray so I might have to pick up some fray check in the near future.
I'm always worried about how I look in dresses (esp. those I've not tried on) but this was really flattering.
I've been eating well and even with no exercise my tummy isn't bulging as it use to. Gosh, we're so wicked to our body images aren't we? We all have something we don't like about our bodies. Mine is my tummy but I remind myself that my tummy has held 4 beautiful, precious babes and I'm darn proud of it.

I'm so addicted to Modcloth that I bought this wool blend dress as it was on sale. I saw it being used over a dress like a cardi and it looks adorable.The weather down here is a bit all over the place, like four seasons in one day. Yesterday it started off cold, then it became sunny and warm and then much cooler in the evening. We need to think about clothes we can layer to accommodate with the weather. I'm so excited and I hope this dress is really nice.

We had family over yesterday so I made this lovely Raspberry and Almond cake. Initially I had the frozen raspberries since Christmas but never got around to making a cake so it was perfect timing since I also had the sour cream and almond meal. It was a bit time consuming but nothing my kitchen processor could not handle for me. The berries did sink to the bottom but it did turn out lovely. I only wish I had the flaked almonds as per the recipe.

So it turns out the Built by Wendy top will also act as an art smock top for the eldest and I'm going to have a crack at a plain top today from my Japanese Overlockbook. Fingers crossed.


  1. Nice find! The muted pink shade looks great. I love ModCloth! One of my favourite tops is from there. It's still a bit hit-or-miss with me.


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