My Mother's Day weekend.

I hope that you all had a wonderful Mother's Day. Lucky me had breakfast sent to me in bed but I decided it best if we all ate at the table. My preschooler picked out the best gift ever. This cute little notebook was wrapped in clear plastic and I love it. He sure knows his mother well.

Inside it has two little white pads and a pretty pink lined pad.

Of course, it was a perfect match for my new handbag (I picked out myself)
from Strandbags. My old one is 6yrs and whilst a great size it is tearing at the edges.
It takes me forever to pick anything so I scoured bags online and then went instore to get it at 35% off so really, at $42, this bag is really a steal.

The brand is Laura Jones and it's a tote size but not overly huge. It has two zippered (a must!) compartments with a phone pocket but the best feature I reckon are the two side pockets which are big enough to hold my keys (you know how it takes for-ever to find keys) and I'll most likely put my mobile phone in the other. I was debating on getting the black one but this colour is for all seasons. I still use a little cheap one rom Kmart for quick trips and school pick-up.

My sister made these salmon bites again at mums along with oyster mornay on Saturday. She is sooo good I forgot to thank her. It was so cold though and we all sat outside while the kids ran around. Then on Sunday we had a bbq with my in-laws after church. By afternoon I was pooped and glad to be at home snuggling up in a blanket as it's getting chillier each day. We're only a month away from Winter.

I am so thankful for everything. I love being a mother/wife/sister/daughter/friend even though at times it's stressful and you can't get your own space. I ask God to give me the graces to get through and he is listening to me. I am so thankful for my healthy children and husband, to be able to live in a place where our freedoms are protected and I pray for all those who are suffering whether it be due to poverty, war, persecution of faith/religion/cast, or illness. We should be more kinder to each other and give more readily.

So what next? I shall be reviewing some kids music. Sounds exciting. Sounds like another giveaway!


  1. A belated Mom’s day wish to you Kim. Love the new look for the blog btw. I was busy at a craft bazaar that day and got conned into buying dinner for the whole family. It’s customary that I buy dinner whenever I go for bazaars to make up for lost time but I totally forgot that it’s mom’s day.


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