Top and Jacket.


I was really sad when this Target jacket for my 2yr old was getting a bit snug.
Today I was really happy when I found a look-a-like (ahem, knock-off) pattern from the Burda kids range so I bought it from Spotlight for $7 (it was just over half price).
The size ranges from 3-7 so it's perfect for both my girls. I can't wait to get it started.


Last weekend I sewed up this top. It is Simplicity 3887. I've made it before and wasn't really happy with the fabric I chose but I really like this light cotton.
I made view D with the long arms but the sleeve are really billowy and I don't like that. I'm going to have to slim down the sleeves.


I do like the way the neckline sits and it's going to be really great for our cooler morning and evenings. You know I always find it hard to choose colours and fabric when I am out shopping. Nothing seems to jump out at me but I find I have a wardrobe full of navy, greys and light pinks. Next time I think I might shop at Tessuti to find something really nice. I've seen quite a few Wiksten Tova's being made-up and now that it's a digital pattern I don't see why I shouldn't just buy that pattern too!

Today the sun is out even though we are in our last month of Autumn. Then it'll be Winter and we'll be trying to keep our bodies warm. Who knows how the weather will pan out. It's been pretty warm around these parts unfortunately due to climate change. I do hope we are doing all we can to preserve our beautiful Earth for many generations to come. I'm suppose to be catching up on a few chores while two are at school and the baby is asleep but I cannot be bothered.

If you find my motivation, send it back to me , won't you?

Stay tuned, I might be having a give-away next!


  1. Love your new top - especially the neckline - such a flattering cut. Will have to look out for that pattern.


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