Another Milestone


We hit a milestone this week. This not-so-little cherub turned 1.
I made chocolate mud cupcakes which weren't so muddy but equally soft and delicious. We have been enjoying a bit of sunshine today and we'll be having a bit of family celebrating for him this weekend. I am always so thankful for the love we recieve and the happiness in our lives. Sure, there are days when it's hard and I feel the anger building inside but then the moment passes, we all sleep and get up for the next day. You know how it is.

We have been blessed with a beautiful, healthy family and lots of love. Our praying has kept us mostly calm about things and what really is important in life. Not the material things but a bit of this and that does help.

I'm finding more time in the kitchen and cooking from scratch. These chicken spring rolls are totally awesome. We make ours with chicken mince, bean thread vermicelli, grated carrot, soy, oyster sauce, sugar and Masterfoods Honey Soy Marinade. Too easy and a hit with everyone.

If you stay tuned, next week I'll have that giveaway ready. In the meantime I hope you are enjoying your long weekend.


  1. oh wow hasn't that gone quick? Happy birthday to your son and happy gave birth on that day to you!

  2. I'm happy for you and for your little boy turning 1 recently. Indeed, time flew so fast and it seems like yesterday that you were carrying him on your hands. Now you can see how fast he grows. Like you, I am also excited on my son's 1st birthday. Got lots of preparations, stress coming in on what would be the theme for his 1st birthday party but at the end all the efforts were all paid up. But what's important is we always pray for good health for our little boy and a good life for them ahead. Happy 1st birthday by the way to your little boy!


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