Winner and Wool.

The generator has spoken and the winner of the Stuck on You Out and About Pack is..
Ang who said: "Ella's day care teacher only told me about stuck on you last Friday as I have been losing all her things at school :-/
The look great!"

I'll be sending you an e-mail Ang and you can get Ella those much needed stickers!

What else came in the mail this week?
Some Bendigo Woollen Mills Wool in Serenade Platinum. I have the Cassia pattern by Georgie Hallam and bit the bullet as I wanted to start knitting this winter. These balls are really umm... huge... there's no real delicate way to say it. You'll be getting great quality and value if you buy from Bendigo and they sent me some swatch cards to tempt me even more.

Speaking of knitting, I am knitting a school beanie for my Kinder girl. I have been taking her to school (urghh) and it's really cold when you're standing in the playground. I've frogged this about 3 times already but I've settled on making her a Lotus hat which I hope turns out otherwise I'll end up wearing it.

My almost 3yr old girl has been getting cheekier by the day and broke 10 eggs out of the carton the other day. So what do you make? Quiche. I have to say it was rather yummy and easy as I had shortcut pastry in the freezer.

I hope you're keeping yourself warm this winter. It certainly chillier around these parts.


  1. Ooooh - Serenade! I got Crocus and Paprika in the mail a couple of weeks ago. It will be Spring before I get around to using it but I love to look at the balls in all of their loveliness each time I walk past them.


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