I love Salvo's

I love that the Salvo's store is right next to the medical centre down the road, so on the odd occasion where I have to take a little one to get checked out, we pop over there for a little browse. I picked up this knee length skirt which I think would look great with boots and tights or it would be just a nice skirt for spring. It was a rather small size but I tried it on and it fit so for a measly $6 it came home with me.

It was a bit wrinkly but I'll just give it a wash and iron it out. It's a nice cream colour so I won't need to dye it but that's a good idea if you find something that's not in a particular colour you're after. I love that I can re-use something instead of buying from a store where I know that I can reduce wastage.


I also went to the craft bin and found these on top. I couldn't believe my luck. I can't wait to start on them so that I might have something pretty to wear come Spring time. They look like vintage McCalls pattern and the one on the right has a Junior size option. Ooooh.....

I also grabbed a zipper and I've used the pull bit to fix the missing one on hubby's jacket. It worked a treat so that saved me time and money on buying a new zipper and haviing the trouble of sewing it together. Go Salvo's!

Have you been op shopping lately?

I better go check on my lemon syrup cake. I'll tell you how it tastes later.


  1. oh good find on the vintage patterns - they are so hard to come by these days. I love op shops way too much, but since I'm trying to declutter at the moment I've been doing drop offs and not even looking inside because I know I'll bring home more stuff!


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