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Natvia and a giveaway.

You know, since my fourth baby I've upped my tea/coffee/hot choc consumption.
I may not have noticed it a whole lot except that I still look a bit pregnant and! So, as counting calories is not my thing (or anyone elses), I wanted to try an artificial sweetener but those things are just baaaad for you. Lucky for me I have now tried Natvia and I love it. It tastes great and will surely help my waistline.

Did you know that Natvia has 95% fewer calories than sugar, has no aspartame or saccharin, low glycaemic index, low carbs and is great for coffee and cooking! More importantly it doesn't have that icky after taste. I tried this Mocha Drinking Chocolate and it is delicious.

There's even a range for the whole family. I surely have to try the flavours for the kids. I have trouble getting my eldest daughter to drink milk so this is right up my alley. They're also having a Bake-off with some great prizes so go check it out:

So, would you like to try some Natvia at home? Sure you would. Just leave a comment with a tip about how you cut down sugar in your family/kids eating plan. I'll pick out the best 5 tips and Natvia will send out a cannister to you.
If you're stuck for some tips go here, another great website for tips to cut down sugar in your life using Natvia.

Giveaway ends next Wednesday. Australian residents only.


  1. I use Natvia or another kind of Stevia instead of sugar in my coffee and natural Agave nectar or stewed apples in place of sugar in baking

  2. I just saw this hot choc advertised in a magazine and thought I would have to give it a try. My kids love hot chocolate but have you looked at the ingredients - pretty much all sugar!

    My tip would be giving the kids strawberries or grapes instead of sweets. Still a sweet treat but instead of rotting kids teeth and making them hyper I can feel good that they are having a healthy snack.

  3. I find the cereal aisle the biggest temptation to my kids so I implemented a "1 box of treat cereal per child each school holidays". Now they are so used to it we browse the cereal aisle and I don't get even one request during the term! Oh, and my concept of "treat cereal" is anything that is not WeetBix or CornFlakes!

  4. I have type 2 diabetes so I always try to eat fresh produce and cut down the sweets but it's really hard since I love sweets. I give myself sweets but I only eat small portions so I still get my sugar hit but not too many calories.

  5. Yay, great giveaway Kim, i'm a huge believer in sugar & children - making everything from scratch i know how much sugar my children are getting. Even when they were starting on juice, i stuck by limiting the volume, by watering it down (we're not a cordial family, why when you can just water down 100% juice) & now all 4 are tweens & teens, i purchased a juicer & make it myself, so i truly know what is going into their mouths - whole juice - no preservatives, which are often sugars!! I don't mind the parts of the juicer i have to wash up, when i know exactly what is going into my children's bodies. They are super fit & healthy, just like children SHOULD be!! So my tip is homemade, as much as you can (home baked, home juiced & best of all, made with love, care & your children involved!!) Plus the chickens & ducks love the pulp from the juicer!! Love Posie


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