Hookin' it

On Saturday night I stayed up by myself determined to get started on crocheting this beanie. The only thing I've ever managed to crochet before was a tawashi flower for that cardigan I knitted for Miss 5. I've lost that beanie I bought from the Salvo's for the baby and so now I stumbled across this crochet baby ear flap beanie pattern here and decided to have a go at it. I only have that one 5m crochet hook and I think I'm hooked on it that I'll have to source some more sizes!

It took me forever to figure out how to start out. I was going for the miracle circle thingy and then practised a few rows of the double crochet before I unravelled it all and started from scratch. It's difficult to learn and rather annoying having your kids climb all over you and your chair while you are doing this. So they went off to bed and I sat alone in the kitchen learning this myself. I was getting really confused but in the end I figured it out. It felt so good to get started and this is how much I've got done since then. It does work up very quickly and even when your toddler unravels a bit you don't have to spend time trying to pick up the loops! (which is why the other beanie is not getting finished). I hope to finish another row or two, try it on his head and then put on those ear flaps.

Wish me luck!


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