What I do on Wednesdays.

   Today we bared the chilly outside and went to Playgroup and the Library.
We laughed as we got inside the room as there were only a handful of mother's with chidlren and my clan just about doubled the number of attendees. The baby doesn't enjoy staying for long so we end up doing some free play, craft and fruit before he chucks a tanty. I strolled him into the Library across the way and left the toddler and preschool in the kids room while I browsed the cooking section for that book I knew was waiting for me. There it was: The Australian Women's Weekly Pressure Cooking. Ahhh yes. I had gone past it numerous times but today it was going home with me.

Above is the chicken rice congee. I normally make this on the stove top and it takes me a while to boil the chicken and then add it to the rice. It's so good on a cold Winter's day so I am glad I have this recipe for my pressure cooker.

Above is Chinese Chicken. I think it's like the soy chicken I made the other week but this one looks really authentic and not as thrown together and hope for the best effort I normally do. I can't wait to try this one soon and with the weather staying cold I might be cooking this sooner than later.

Ahhh yes, there is a dessert section!!!! Praise to the Lord. My favourite Chocolate Self-Saucing Puddings. I have this favourite one I used from the Masterchef class they did a few years ago but this one looks interesting. How do they get it in the pots? Or do they put the pots in there????

Anyway, I better get going. Sooooooo much to do this week. I am up to my eyeballs in STUFF. I don't want to be up to so much but I am grateful for it all.

Oh hey, stick around next week won't you. I've got another give-away coming up.


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