Hunting the Alternative and giveaway links.

 As I mentioned before, I've been making changes in my diet. I'm trying (emphasising on trying) very hard to eat non-processed foods so breakfast last week consisted of scrambled eggs, fresh tomato and steamed broccoli.
Other times it may be poached eggs with steamed asparagus but it's not always eggs. I find it filling and delicious and light. It doesn't leave me feeling bloated and I know it's really clean food that isn't full of artificial additives.

Speaking of clean foods check-out this lovely new blog : Hunting the Alternative. It's a site dedicated to helping mothers out there who are looking for healthier, natural food alternatives. You may have a baby that has an allergy to a certain type of food or ingredient and this is a great way to order through a local co-op. Right now they are having a Easi-Yo yoghurt maker giveaway so pop on over and have a browse.

  To prove that I am still a 'normal' human mother I made scones this morning. I had some wholemeal flour I've never got around to using so I used Fast Ed's scone recipe and made there beauties. My tip: if you want thick and high scones just press them lightly once you've mixed in the wet to dry ingredients and don't press down too deep. I made them pretty high already so that little bit of cooking brought them to the perfect height. That way you won't have flat scones.

And yes, we had jam and whipped cream (from a can, naughty, naughty)!!!

 p.s Those Baker's Delight vouchers were re-sent and I still have three to giveaway so please leave a comment on my Baker's Delight post to be in the running for a $10 voucher!!!! I'll definately be contacting winners on Monday and posting out as soon as you give me your mailing address. Make sure I can contact you. Some bloggers have left a no-reply on their profile.

*Karina - can you send me your address please so I can post out your voucher to you please.


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