Two different books

I love Martha Stewart. Who doesn't? She makes things look fabulous and easy. My sister let me borrow this book she bought from Lincraft. The sales lady let her buy it for $20. Isn't that ridiculously good? So I've been wide-eyed at all the projects and really wanting to carve out some time for a bit of sewing but with four kids we'll see how that goes.

This is the Girls dress from Man's Shirt project from Martha's book. I know we all don't have a lovely light chambray shirt at home but I'll have to see what I can dig out of hubby's closet. He wears casual stuff to work so he has a few shirts I can snip into. It looks really easy and cute. How cool would it be in my size??? Oooooh.

 This is a stack of pillows from her book. They look great and while I don't need pillows I still need cushions but at the rate my kids go with chucking them on the floor I am apprehensive about spending the effort on this.

 Don't hate me cos I'm dieting. I was going to make that the blog title. But I have put on weight around my middle section. I think it's from all the cakes and bakery items I've been indulging in lately and the last straw was when someone asked a friend if I was pregnant. Seriously, is that the worst question to ask when one is not! I felt compelled to do something about it and I found this book from Big W. James Duigan helps models like Elle and Rosie (the chick from the last Transformers) to keep their tummies flat. I did buy his Flat Tummy Fast book as well but it isn't pictured. I bought this one for just $19 a few days later. So far I've learnt just to try to eat Clean foods. That is, foods which are not processed. I've lost 1.5kgs and I really hope to just slim down. I'm not after model perfection but I would like to flatten out my tummy. I'll keep you posted.

 Cake anyone? James shares his wedding cake recipe with us in his book. What a diet book with dessert? How can this be? This is what made me buy it. Hee heee. It's a peanut butter cream chocolate cake. Actually, they say that a picture of a cake on a magazine increases the likelihood of you buying it exponentially. We just love cake. Just don't eat it often and eat small amounts. Enjoy it slowly and savour the flavour.

This looks really yummy. Chicken and quinoa. I've been eating more steamed vegies with every meal and less meat. I just need to exercise more. I only play basketball once a week and I try to get on the treadmill on Wednesdays. Apparently, the treadmill is a bit of a lazy way to train but it still gets my heart and sweat going.

On other fronts, I've fixed my Blogger picture uploading issue. I am using Mozilla Firefox as we speak and it's a hell of a lot faster than IE. My pictures loaded up in less than 2 seconds each and I am over the moon that I can inundate you with my pictures now!

Somehow the Baker's Delight vouchers have not made it to me. They are lost somewhere or someone has taken them from church and because they don't know who I am it's gone AWOL. I've called them a few times to ask if they've seen my envelope but they haven't so I'm sorry my readers but I can't give out any vouchers until they are found :(

I better get on the treadmill right now as the little one is asleep and I can get some lunch ready for the kids. p.s My eyesight is pretty excellent now. Two weeks ago she told me I had about a month to go until it was perfect and it was pretty clear and sharp at that point so I was really glad. It's the best to be able to jump into the car and not have to rummage for my glasses anymore. I love it.

Til later, ciao for now.


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