Thankyou everyone for your kind words of support and comments. You will be happy to know that after a few talks with hubby I am on the mend; mentally, emotionally, physically. I know it won't happen over night but with a few adjustments here and there I'll be ok soon enough. To start off the past few weeks have been full of positive things. Lots of birthdays. LOTS. Wow.  My sister made these beautiful and delicious red velvet rose cream cupcakes for her daughter's birthday.

They tasted really nice and fluffy. Although there were red crumbs everywhere when we went bowling. She said to make the two-toned cream you stuff the wall of the piping bag with one colour and then fill the rest with another colour and you have to use a 1" nozzle of some sort which she got from the cake store. Whatever, they tasted lovely.

 We've got a bit of self-love happening around here. Found this great top from TEMT. It was only $10 so a bit of a bargain if I say so myself. The photo bomber approves.
I like the simplicity of the shape and the material even though it can show dirt and food stuffs if I am not careful. Do not touch children who are eating red velvet cupcakes whilst wearing this shirt. It does look really good on paired with jeans and slightly wavy long hair. See below.

It was a good day had by all.
We went to a restaurant later on and had this birthday cake afterwards.
I only realised later on that night that the birthday cake was in the shape of an 8. D'uh. She scwiftly blew out ALL the candles in one blow!!! Yay. It was spongy with cream in between and nice to eat. The next birthday is coming up this Saturday. More cake! Oh no, more gym lol.
I'll be having a book giveaway next so stay tuned for more!


  1. Your hair looks lovely worn out with a slight wave. Yay for birthday cake!


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