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Howdy peeps. It's true. I like to use coupons. It's not a huge thing here in Australia. I think we've only just started to see coupons popping up here and there and they can be quite worthwhile. Spotlight sent out a recent 40% off one full priced item until 24th February. It's sooo worth it if you have a project in mind or there is something you need at this greatly discounted percentage. I bought these sharp scissors and got $10 off the marked price. Say with me : "Aaaawessooome".

They also had the get 30% off when you buy the rest of the bolt so I did exactly that with this quilting cotton called Rose Frost. I'm sure my girls would love a dress and there was about 3.5metres of this pretty fabric. It could even be turned into a pair of lovely curtains I suppose.

I felt mother guilt and so I had to come home with these tiny elephants. They were on sale too at just under $10 a metre so hoping to come up with a good sewing project for the boys. I find it difficult to be inspired to sew up something for the boys so I've made it a point to rectify this.

Just next to the store was a outlet. I popped in to see what bargains I could get as that store was closing down. We were thinking about buying some bunks but they were pricey and we didn't have the luxury of spending hundreds. It's normally my job to hunt down these bargains and so when I saw this bunk I was quite excited. I asked the guy and he said he would give me a new set for $200 plus $50 for each mattress. Mind you, these are King Single (which I believe are just a bit longer than single size). Great! Sold. 

I had to enlist my brother in law who has a van and after a bit of time we got them paid for and at my house for a weekend job. Note to self, most petrol stations have atms so don't waste time waiting for atms at stores to be re-filled and working. 

It also means I need to scour the bargain table for King Single mattress covers, lest I make them myself?? Oh the thought! Can I get sheeting locally? Might have to print out another coupon then....

Here is my eldest wearing an item I had to pick up for her from Coles. Now that they sell clothing they have some really cute items. This was a bigger size so it's quite longer but she'll grown into it. I just needed something for her to wear that was fuss free after a swimming lesson (hence the wet hair). I wish it came in my size though. It's adorable in any size. And you gotta have a dress with pockets.

So that's it for now. Thanks for popping in again. I've skipped the gym today as I have too much to do. It was raining a lot yesterday and the sun is out today. This weather is so up and down you cannot tell if you need a cardigan, shorts or pants. I end up bringing almost a whole luggage bag when we go out with the kids.

Hope you are all well. I'm going to have some sewing therapy!


  1. I love the Spotlight vouchers- have been using them to buy "big ticket" items that I've "needed" (mannequin, big cutting mat, bias binding machine..). Did you know that you can layby voucher items- I was stoked to find this out. The Mix dress is really cute, I have been surprised at how nice the Coles clothing has been....


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