End of summer

This season we had quite a few pomegranates fruiting from our tree in the backyard. What I love about our tree is that it is minimal fuss so I can't really kill it through lack of love/maintenance. I did, however, pick a few nice looking fruit and placed them on the table. I was a bit afraid of picking them as I saw some spiderwebs. But can you see my little surprise hiding in there???

I ended up buying a new iron this year as my last Philips one was a bit scorched and started to smell a bit (the steam smelt). I made the huge mistake of buying one on-line during Christmas but it wasn't from a reputable dealer and they haven't sent it to me! Arghhh. I checked later only to find out that they were prosecuted by Fair Trading for not complying with their consumer laws. So lesson learned, make sure you buy from a company that has good reviews! Caveat Emptor! I should have known it was too good to be true.

Regardless, I will try to shake off that mistake whilst I actually am a bit excited about my iron from Target. It's the Philips Azur and although it's a bit noisy between irons I love it. They had a 15% off sale so it was good timing for me. I even covered it with a cloth to prevent dust from getting into it, how's that for iron love??
 Little Miss reading on her makeshift reading space...

Oooh I went to Ikea and picked up Skubb drawer organisers. They are awesome. However, they don't fit in my own drawers so they are in the kids Malm dresser. It makes finding their clothes easier and looks more tidy.
Loving more life hacks. Found this cardboard tube from possibly cling wrap?? Used it to keep my contact plastic rolled up. Are you a book cover expert yet? I did quite a few books this week but it has slowly subsided. I still get bubbles, lol.

See my yucky surprise? I got shivers when it popped out when I put the fruit on the table. The small spider was hiding inside the pomegranate. Urghhhhh. I squished it though. Not going to pick any more fruit any time soon.
Kids are back at school. I'm still working part-time plus running a St Vincent de Paul Conference. Life is busy but I've made a few changes. Quite simply I am asking for help when I need it and I've let things go that aren't so important. I've prayed and let things be according to God as he wishes and to give me strength. It's worked so far and I'm in a much better place than I was a few months ago. I'll make time for myself and to enjoy the good and the bad. Things are worse for others and my mantra is that I am so lucky to have the life I have now.
So looking foward to getting back into the swing of things and hopefully a bit more sewing or knitting or something!


  1. How great to have pomegranates growing in your backyard, the spider not so much! We had to do battles with contact and school books this week too, until we ran out and found out there is a Sydney wide shortage of contact!


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