Happy 1st Birthday

29th Dec 2007
A new life
A blessing
:: Happy Birthday Michael! ::
One whole year ago I pushed you out without any pain medication.
As I lay there with my eyes closed I envisioned a flower opening.
The midwife wanted to give me an episiotomy. What? Already?
After the first one with Little Miss I really didn't want another one this time around so I gathered up my energy and pushed really hard.
After 20minutes of pushing you came out as quiet as a mouse.
I held you on my chest and said "Hello little one"
Now you're not so little and you find many things funny. You laugh at Peek-a-Boo.
You have a light brown patch on the back of your head along with four teeth.
You've even taken your first step unassisted.
So, here's to many more years of cuddles, fun, laughter, and LOVE.
~Happy Birthday My Son ~


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