Lil Cowgirls Lamp

I bought these lamps when we first moved into our home. They matched our walls and were a plain beige with a slightly greenish tint on the base. They also started to come apart.
I bought this Michael Miller Lil Cowgirls fabric a while ago just for this project from Quilt Fabric Delights.
I traced the template for the lamp and glued it in with fabric glue. I think a spray adhesive would have worked better. I should have added a little more to go over the edges. It's been sitting near my sewing machine for quite a while. I mulled over how I would finish the edges. Since it's quite round, the bias I cut wasn't working well. It would wrinkle a little as I pressed it into the edges. Then I bought some frilly edging to put on the bottom but I'd underestimated the length and you know my pet peeve about measuring [blush].
Finally, I used the Ric Rac I bought a few weeks ago. I decided to have some of the edge stick out so that it hides the unfinished edge of the lamp. I used the fabric glue and voila!, a lamp for my little girl's bedroom. I feel so good whenever I see it. I hope she does too.
*Pinch and a punch for the first day of the month. Only 25 days til Christmas!!!


  1. That looks great! Looks as good as store bought ones and I love that it is unique.


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