New Haircut

Here's my new hair cut (and new sunnies to match)

I was reluctant to cut it short for a long time for a few reasons:

a) I didn't think my face could handle short bangs
b) I imagined having long tresses like Angelina-Jolie
and the infamous
c) My husband doesn't want my hair short

But, I got fed up with it, I didn't care how it looked and I let my brother have his long awaited bob-cut. Well, I love my hair now. I shake it to feel it's lightness whenever I can.

It is now sooooo much easier than having a ponytail or bun each and every boring day.
People seem to say that it suits me and hubby likes it too (bonus!)
Also on the plus side: Showers are faster and so is hair styling.

"How do I style my hair?" I asked my brother, the hairdresser
"Shake it" he says
"Oh" I say and laugh with my sister

I don't think I'll ever have long hair again...


  1. Looks great - well done for being brave - you are liberated!


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