Disappointment and Happiness?

I traced out a pattern, was ready to cut out and sew and then...
BAM... realisation...not enough material. Arghhhhhhhh. Nooooooooooo.
When I started sewing I use to only buy 2mtrs worth of fabric. 1mtr would be enough to make the kids something but I had only ever needed 1.5 - 2mtrs.
Now that I endeavour dresses, tunic tops etc. it hadn't dawned on me that I might need more
fabric. So my stash is insufficient for this period in my life.
Which brings me to my next photo.
My tummy at 13weeks. I can still sort of button up my jeans but after a while it gets uncomfortable. My little man was curious about the flashing light and beeping as I waited for the 10sec count down on the camera.
I'm also really enjoying our fresh roses from the front yard.

It's dreary, rainy and really windy outside right now.
Time to think about sewing up a winter coat for Little Miss.


  1. Bugger! I never buy the right amount of fabric (even with a planned project in mind) and it drives me mad! You will have to start upsizing your material purchases!!! And all the smaller cuts you already have can be used for accents/appliques/details at least.

    Pretty flowers by the way, what a gorgeous colour rose.


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