Sewing itch...

I'm pretty excited. I purchased this Kristen Doran Sling Bag pattern from Kelani Fabric Obsession.
I've been looking for the perfect bag to make which would also be affordable.
I really love sling bags because I can drape them over my shoulder and push the pram.
I think my sewing bug is coming back. I spent some time making up a skirt for Little Miss using some old broadcloth just to test the pattern. I am really sick of the Japanese patterns coming out too small for her. I'm pretty happy with the alterations. Once I make it up in the beige corduroy I will post it.
I have to go now. I am tired. The Little Boy screamed for 20mins at 4am. After some panadol, a warm blanket and milk he finally stopped screaming. Phew. For all of us.


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