Barbie takes the Cake

Someone turned three just recently!

So I made her a Barbie cake. It's my first cake made from scratch.
I used a Dolly Varden tin to bake the skirt using this rich mud cake recipe.
It tasted soooo delicious and even though I was stretched for time to decorate her cake I think it turned out quite nice.

Now to suck up all those silver and pink cachous that are scattered on my kitchen floor.

Me... 34 weeks and feeling rather huge. No motivation to sew as I have 'nesting' bouts of energy and would rather pick up toys and tidy the house. I will have to sew up some comfy pyjamas for the hospital I think so maybe I'll join the Sew Mama Sew Pajama Party Sew- Along!

Sounds good.


  1. Your first ever cake turned out that good? Well done - it looks awesome - I'm sure DD will always have find memories of it.

  2. Happy birthday miss 3!!!

    love the cake it looks awesome!


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