Exciting Stuff

There have been a few exciting things happening around here.
I was thrilled to win another giveaway! Since hubby has banned me from on-line shopping for a while then these things are especially a blessing and very special! Ha ha.

Can you imagine my excitement when I decided to give shirring another go and it worked?
Oh my goodness. I had tried this about 2yrs ago and I could not for the life of me figure out why it would never work. Then, the other day I read a post about it on Jelly Baby Blog and watched the Threadbanger video on how to make a summer dress.

It looked sooooo easy. So I decided to give it another whirl. This time I did thread the elastic thread in the thread tension thing in the bobbin case. I started sewing and voila!! I was shirring with excitement in no time. It's a bit late to make a shirred maternity top since I don't have long to go. Perhaps a nice shirred summer top instead. Something to think about.

Of course, I had to show *hubby* the end result. He was pretty happy too which makes me happy. This is just my prototype. It's some left over cotton print that I made shorts with previously. It's now Little Miss's home pj top. It's very sheer so great for warmer weather.

I know you want to see my belly progress, right? 36wks, 5 days... 23days to go.

Can't wait. Very clucky.


  1. oh so cool Kim! I just learnt to shir too! I'm sure DD would love that as a pj top.

    your looking great - have you made any baby clothes yet?

  2. Thanks Cherri. No, I haven't made any baby clothes. I want to but I've decided to finish the baby quilt first and make some burp cloths.

  3. What a beautiful top and an even more beautiful belly. Not long to go now - I hope you are taking it easy. (You've got a good excuse to *rest* at your sewing machine and get some more shirring done!).

  4. delightful top and you look sooooo gorgeous! My sister is 26weeks preggie with her second bub and I cant believe how clucky im getting...note to self stay away from the water hahahaa

  5. All the best with your birth :-) The top looks fab! I will have to try it sometime, thanks for the link.


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