To Do List

That's us: me, Little Miss, Little Man and Daddy, (newphew in law in the corner).

I'm officially on maternity leave! I get one year off with a portion of it being paid leave. Hurray!
There are so many things on my To Do List:

Number One: A pair of Pajama's
I've decided to join Sew Mama Sew's Sept. Theme.
I've stashed a pj pattern for about a year now which is perfect for this summer.

Number Two: Things for Baby
I want to make some terry cloth burpies, carrier canopy, finish the quilt and knit a baby beanie.
Number Three: Things that can wait.
Summer gear for the toddlers, curtains, cushion covers, whatever else I'm fancying in blogland.
I have to say it's so relieving to know that I don't have to get up and head out to work. I stay up at night tidying the house while they are asleep. I write in my diary and sometimes read a parenting book. It's therapeutic to write down your thoughts. I've read it does help you deal with emotional issues etc. I use to write in a diary when I was much younger, say age 11 and then sporadically throughout my life. I've picked it up again. It does take some time but it's worthwhile to get things off my chest.
Moving on, 35 weeks now and very excited to start washing newborn clothes.
Let the nesting begin!


  1. 35 weeks Kim - oh I am so excited for you! You are about to meet your new baby!

    I too work on lists - everyday! Honestly, I would achieve little if I didn't have a list. It just makes things clearer for me.

    Have fun getting through your wish list and packing the hospy bag - all the best dear xxoo


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