Blogger with no make-up

I am a blogger. This is me. On many days. It's mid-morning.
No make-up. Just plain 'ol me. I read a post about Bloggers with No Make-up a while ago and it's stuck in my head. We see other blogs with perfect pictures, perfect rooms, perfect families, perfect crafts. While it is enviable I believe that there are moments where it's not perfect.
Where there are messy floors, messy kitchens, messy kids and messy moments.
Yup, that's life and believe me, it's good to realise that once in a while. Good not to get caught up in perfectionism or the want of.

I haven't had much time-out for myself these days so I am getting more frustrated and the lists of things I want to do are piling up in my head. I found that crocheting allows me a little time to be creative but it definately works better when a little hand isn't grabbing at the wool.

On the sewing front I haven't been able to cut out any pattern yet. There's something holding me back. It's like I almost don't want to complete a project if that makes any sense?

Do you have days like this???

I'm sure I am in need of therapy but well, I just have to hug my kids a little more today and get things going.

I hope to be back with something soon.


  1. Oh Kim, I really know what you mean... Today is one of those days for me... I have to ban myself from the kitchen as I broke a glass and almost burn myself. Talk about health hazards

  2. Hey Kim, I think you'd love this blog
    Lucy has lots of gorgeous crochet tutorials on her sidebar (including some flowers) with easy to follow instructions and pretty pictures. Check it out.
    Have fun.

  3. I never wear make-up and in the winter often look at my pale skin and think maybe i should try a little harder. but every makeup i've ever tried clogs my pores. it's just not worth it.... is it? you look stunning by the way- you don't need any!


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