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The following post contains a few pictures, some cute, some not so much. Some kinda blurry.
Crafty admiration and lovely comments are advised.

This is the progress of the cardigan/sweater I am knitting for Miss Almost 4.
I am becoming aware that I am running out of wool. I only have three balls of the Baby Layette.
At least I think so, I am onto the second ball already.

Unless of course she is happy to wear it as a bolero?

I really thought it was going to come out much bigger. From the notes I used with Soulemama's February Girl Sweater (adapted from the Baby Sweater) she made it to fit her daughter who is size 5. Hmmmm. I will have to finish this for her before Winter is over so that she can still wear it otherwise the baby gets it next Winter. It does fit nicely in the back but I am not finished so I am hoping it won't stretch out too much.

I did pop over to Spotlight to source more balls of wool but only saw two balls of this one left.
Here it is next to the original. Can you tell there is a slight colour difference?
Yup, that's because it IS a different colour. The original is #08 and the new one is #15.
My one is slightly lighter in colour. A whitish beige, if you will.
I figure maybe I could dye the cardigan once finished? She does lean towards pink.

Oh hey, I got some lucky mail and I won afat qtr of this cute Japanese small scale fabric from Kelani Fabric Obsession. I'm thinking a kids pencil case or diary/notebook cover.

I did get around scratching my sewing itch and made my boy this pair of what us Aussies like to call Trackies or TrackyDaks. Slang for track pants.

I used New Look 6931 pattern in size T3 and although a bit long in the waist to crotch area the rest were fine for his 2.5yr old legs. I really love them and I should have made them earlier.

Ok, now I have really used up my precious personal time and I have to put the baby to sleep!


  1. Beautiful! The cardigan is so cute as a bolero!!

    The tracky dacks ane simple and comfy looking - and lucky you winning the fat qtr!

    There is a s;ight difference in the wol - you may not notice it at all - or just tell people the various shades are a design fewature...


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