My Happy Mail

You know I-am-so-glad my husband isn't home when the postie knocks on my door.
My lovely parcel arrived today from Hawthorne Threads (US). They were sooo speedy as I ordered this a week ago. I love how they used tissue paper to wrap up the fabric and didn't add an additional invoice paper.

I was inspired by the iPod cases that Janelle Wind created and the fabric that she used.
So I decided I needed to have some Meadowsweet at home.

I also decided I had to have some pink unicorns, some flowery diamonds and something for the boy.

I hope to use this for something wearable for the boy. It's quite a decent size print of trucks so I hope to applique some shirts and make some shorts for spring/summer. What is it about boys clothes that I find challenging? Perhaps it is just a matter of using more cotton knits and jersey.
There isn't much I like to make during Winter unfortunately. I do enjoy some aspects of Winter but I really prefer Spring and warmer weather.

So there was my splurge this month. Phew, I got away with it again. Hee hee.
Back to the knitting needles...


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