Fixing : Canon IXUS 70 mode

My apologies for the blurry pics but my phone camera doesn't do macro very well, even though these were taken with the macro setting.
The other day before we went to the farm my little, let's say "destroyer" of a son, took out the camera and managed to break the slider which switches the modes of the camera from shoot, video and playback. It worked but was permanently on review/playback and I couldn't take any pictures.

Today I decided to open it up and see if I could fix it. Who needs a man, really?
After scouring the internets for a while there wasn't any information that was helpful so I stumbled through this myself. It was easy and I didn't electrocute myself.
I thought I'd post this to help others with this dilemma.

Upside down pic of the camera with staple hanging out of the piece you need to 'switch'

It's actually very simple. Using a small screwdriver take out the side screws and the bottom. I was not successful in using a bigger screwdriver to loosen the bottom hence why I was not able to open the back case properly. Caveat: You should use something small otherwise you'll mush up the cross on the screws and may not be able to turn the screw at all.

Anyway, once open you should be able to see the silver rectangular piece on the board (opposite to where the slider is on the case) You can use something tiny, I used a single staple, to push the black slider inside the rectangular piece to the top. It's hard to see but look closely. If you slide it up to the top it puts your camera in picture/shoot mode. That's it! Voila, test it by turning the power on and see if the lens pops up. You've just kinda fixed the mode.

The only other issue is that you can't change modes once you close it up again but you can set the shortcut button to go to video mode so that helps a little. It only leaves you with no playback so you'll just have to keep taking pictures.

Hope this helps!


  1. Two camera shops wanted to charge us £50 to get it fixed. Thnks to you it cost nothing. thank you

  2. That's awesome Anonymous. It's just the reason why I posted the solution so we can fix things ourselves and save money! Yay.


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