Little Pleasures

Today I woke up and felt like scones. 3 cups of flour later here are the left overs.
Some of them rose like the leaning tower of Pisa. I didn't place them close enough together.
But they tasted good and were not as flat as I use to make them.
I figured that if I just patted them down with my hand (instead of using a rolling pin as if I were making pizza dough) then I'd end up with luscious fluffy scones. Turns out I was right.
I used the recipe from Taste. Very good recipe.

Yesterday I couldn't walk past this cute little handbag. Black is boring so I opted for this Slate colour. Strandbags had 25% the Cabrelli brand and this was a much needed little thing. I had one given to me but it frustrated me to find my mobile.
Hopefully this one won't swallow up everything in it. For $22 bucks, it's a good investment, yes?

Then I finished up some invisible hems for my sis in law's friend at work.
I must say I am getting better at this and it hardly shows on the outside.
It's a little tricky getting the 'catch' right but if you move your needle into the position instead of the slider on the foot it's much easier.

There's some other news on our front as well but I might wait a little longer to reveal.
I wonder if you can guess...

Anyway, we're enjoying our new car though. It's a nice big Kluger and the kids don't want to leave when they are watching their movie on the dvd player.

Hope you're having some little pleasures too.


  1. Yum scones, nice bag and if I am reading between the lines right yipee and congratulations!

  2. Great tip on the scones (pressing rather than rolling) - I love and get nearly all my classic recipes from there.


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