Have you seen my cucumber?

I've been admiring the greenery of our vegie 'bath'.
In actual fact it's an old iron bath that hubby filled with dirt and I've been pottering about trying to see if I can't grow something .... anything... without killing it.
I wasn't successful last year but I am trying harder this time around. I've even detected what the weeds look like and pick them out daily.

While the kids were at day care I planted whatever seeds I had on hand.
You can see tomato trees above. I am thinking about re-potting them individually so I can stake them. They are looking pretty healthy but whether or not they fruit is the big question.

That's a cucumber plant in the corner. I had picked up a pot from Franklins (of all places) as I was curious. I split it and they were looking good until one of them decided to stop growing.

But lookey here! My pride and joy. See that cucumber?! It sprouted and grew and grew!
Hubby hasn't seen it since it was a wee one but he's going to be mighty impressed! Or jealous : )

This is the plant tht won't be killed by me. My ever loyal Gerbera pot.
Each year it sits out in the full sun with grass and weeds and I hardly give it a drink, yet every spring it grows plentiful happy fuschia gerberas for me. What a best friend, lol.

These are my snow pea sprouts from above. They are lovely and high and cling onto watever is growing around them. I can't wait to see if they grow something edible too.

So my news, dear friends, is that I am also sprouting something inside me.
I am about 10weeks pregnant with our fourth, yes, 4th baby.
To be honest I wasn't planning on another so soon but it was destined and I am going smooth sailing so far. A bit of nausea but mostly some tiredness. I am happy at least to have our last child baking and then concentrate on raising the best children that I can.

I log off now and thinking about making some little purses for my nieces for Christmas.
I hope you're doing some crafting too.

Cheers, Kim


  1. Congrats on your pregnancy Kim! I hope the sickness doesn't get to bad. What lovely news that your having a 4th child :)

  2. That's fabulous news...gee you only just had a baby didn't you? hehehe Congratulations and take care.


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