I love walking into my bathroom and seeing these roses from our front garden.

Father in law had pruned them a while ago and now they are coming back so beautifully.

They were just from Bunnings and I think I picked a good variety.

There's an exquisite yellow one with red along the edges. It's actually fallen over in the vase but I have since taped it back up. It also has the sweetest perfume.

So there I am with my almost 33wk belly and counting down the weeks.

Soon I hope to count down days and pull out the winter gear for this baby.

I've never had a winter baby before so it will definately be one of my many challenges.

I still can't believe I am carrying a baby again and everyone says they forget I am pregnant. I guess they are use to me just getting through each day as though it were a breeze. Truly, I tell you, it is not.

I'm better at planning though so when some of the kids are asleep (esp. the youngest) I can pull out the mop and clean my kitchen and bathroom. When they're awake I can vacumn even though they can't hear the t.v for a while. I've culled down lots of toys in the lounge so there is less tidying up. I try to fold in my laundry and put it away the same day or next morning.

I am looking forward to being at stay at home mum full-time again although I am aware of the sleepless nights soon to come (not that I get un-interrupted sleep!) I am .going to rely on a weekly milk and bread delivery from Aussie Farmers Direct so I don't have to worry about starving my children. I am going to take each day as I can and get help from able and single sisters!!! There's nothing like accepting help even if it is a little. A little goes a long way.

I have been sewing in between my busy days. Friends ask me where do I get time? I MAKE time. There is always time in the day to sew or craft. If you have time to go to the toilet you have time to sew/craft/create. It might be the same amount of time but there is time. For me anyway.

I did end up making these flat front pants using the MADE tutorial.

They fit my 3yr old perfectly and came in handy over the Palm Sunday weekend when I had no pants for him to wear. I might even try and squeeze in another pair for the Easter weekend but not sure on the fabric to use. The linen looks lovely but I don't have any with me at the moment.

There he is trying to sing on the mic at the birthday and gave us all a laugh.

You gotta love boys and I am truly looking forward to little baby boy cuddles come June.

I've also sewed up some quick cushions but haven't got around to photographing them.

One is a really cute bambi one with a button closure at the back. Seriously I don't enjoy doing zippers on cushions cos I always muck it up somehow.

Anyway, back to the hum dum of kids, working and looking forward to easter treats!

Hope you're enjoying your time too.


  1. I get asked how I find time to sew as well - my answer is if you have time to watch tv you have time to do other stuff. That said, I also choose sewing over housework most of the time too!

    You're looking great, I hope the last few weeks go easy for you


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