One hour skirt

After reading the post on MADE about super simple skirts for little girls I knew it was something I could do in the short amount of time I had available.

I even found this remnant in my stash from the baby quilt I made last year.

The primary colours were just perfect and I feel so happy when I see it.

So I took to work on my rectangular piece. I used the full width of the material which was 112cm and chopped the length to 60cms. I even dragged out the iron and ironed my seams! Wowzah!

Here she is the next morning adorning it for preschool.

It does look slightly long but that's fine, she will wear it through Autumn and still fit into it 6mths from now (our summer). I love that it will go with just about any colour top as well.

I think post baby I will even make one for myself!


  1. Awww, Kim that's a cute skirt and the darling little girl wearing it is adorable! Yes... make something for yourself!!!

  2. What a cute skirt on a cute girl!

  3. Gorgeous skirt & even cuter model!! Love Posie


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