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Ever since I saw the desk on Grosgrain I knew that I had to have that desk. Co-incidentally a week later I was in the vicinity of Ikea during a surprise birthday lunch and seconded my youngest sister to help me grab that desk. Luckily I bought the 1.5mtr Vika Amon desk because it just fit in the back of my car with it sticking over the top of one of the toddler seats in the second row. I was actually considering getting the 2metre length desktop which I would not have been able to take home with me. I was so anxious to get this desk together that I decided to do it myself with the cordless drill. I knew I was either going to stuff it up or at least try to get it done and it was actually easier than I thought. Those Ikea people are clever I tell you. I was more than thrilled when I turned it the right way up and adored the huge desk space for my sewing/crafting/anything! I have been doing some knitting as well. This is the Heirloom Baby Hat from The Purl Bee. I didn't have a proper marker and found one of my cheap earrings in my bag so that would have to do in it's place. I am learning how to do stripes for the first time and hope it turns out ok. On the cooking front I made thick yoghurt! It's so easy. You buy a tub of Greek yoghurt, you empty it into a cotton bag (or un-used baby pillowcase as seen here) and add a tsp of salt. Leave it to drain over night in a strainer of some sort (mine is an empty ricotta bowl) which sits in another bowl so that the fluid drains (mine was a perfect fit Pyrex bowl). The next morning you should find that most of the liquid has drained away and inside the bag you will have nice thick Labneh. Turn the bag inside out and keep the yoghurt in a airtight container. It should keep for a few days if it lasts that long. I must run, lots of little children crying out for my attention.


  1. I just love seeing other crafter's work spaces! Good job putting the table together. Ikea is awesome!

    Your thick yogurt looks interesting. How do you eat it?

  2. Thanks Venus. With the yoghurt you can have it as a dip with Lebanese bread or use it in a sandwich as a spread. There are some recipes on the net which say add some other herbs to it (search Labneh). The best comparison is to say it's Philadelphia cream cheese!


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