Baby's Bib

Each Monday I get to go shopping and leave a few little ones with daddy.
It's nice to have that time to grocery shop but it still takes a few hours with some browsing of my own inbetween. It's nice to have a bit of one on one time with Miss 5 as she's usually tagging along.
She even packed the grocery bags into the trolley at Woolworths for me which impressed the checkout chick and mother next to me. Start them young I say and you'll have them doing these things for you for a while.

So I normally take a list with me and sometimes the list is still on the fridge.
I told hubby I needed some bibs for baby and he said "Why don't you make them?" I did try before when I had my first son but they didn't turn out nice. I did try to find the right set at the shops because I like to have a plastic backing and for them to be a good size. This boy drools like a fountain. There were none that were suitable and within a decent price range.

So last night I traced out one of his big bibs and trawled through my stash to find the elusive PUL I've been stashing for many years now. I bought it when I had my first with the intention of making cloth nappies but that never eventuated. Now I have enough PUL to make about 6 bibs! Yay.
I cut out the blue flannel and just used one piece of PUL for the back. I bound it with white bias and sewed velcro to the tops. Voila! one very nice bib.

I think he likes it too.


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