Tis the Season to be Jolly

This year I wanted to go on a Christmas House Lights trip. Hubby wasn't really interested but caved in and drove us around after I got the older two ready. The young ones were asleep hence the scruffiness.
Anyhoo.... I picked a few addresses from our local paper and went to this amazing house who won the competition. It was awesome. So many lights, so many things to seeeeeeee.
You know even a well dressed house will amaze children and adults alike. The kids adored it.

The main house even had their own Santa and he took a few pics with the kids. I think I even like these ones better than the one we took at the mall. Elijah isn't even crying. What a good baby.

They had three windows dressed up like this. It was so cool. There were houses with lights lit up inside and little moving ornaments. Like.Wow. We moved onto a nearby street (how I love you gps) and saw a few more houses before the kids were sleepy and yeah, I was too.

Can you tell i am into the Spirit this year? Why not? I'm not heavily pregnant or carrying a newborn this time, Yay! AND to top it off, today I found out I am the winner of one of the Sew Mama Sew Giveaways.
I won and chose the Built by Wendy Simplicity pattern from Jmday.

Now that's something to be jolly about.


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