Shopping for Christmas


I really enjoy the Christmas season. We took the annual Santa pic and it turned out smaller than the past few years so we were disappointed. The older kids put on a fake smile and the other little ones didn't even smile. I opted for the cheapest set we could buy and perhaps would have liked to be more picky about taking a better picture. They're not really helpful at those photo places. At least it was like having a family photo and we can update our wallet pics again. I put this smaller one in my new diary, which I got from K-mart again this year for a budget price of $4.

I'm pretty sure my kids can't read my blog so I will go ahead and tell you that we've splurged on them this Christmas. I didn't want to get them any old toy that they'll play with for a day and then have it left on the floor for me to stumble over. I wanted them to have something which would lean to the educational side so I decided we would get them a LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablet (breath) ,... each! If we were to only buy one I'd never hear the end of their arguing.

They already love the iPod, which we don't have, so they are really going to love this gadget/toy/whatever. I just hope they get to learn things and it goes to good use instead of just gaming. Target seemed to have the cheapest price so after I dropped the kids off at preschool/daycare I went up with the other two littlies and got the last pink one and one green one. That way they'll know which one belongs to whom.


Our local shopping centre were also giving free tote bags for every reciept of more than $10 in the centre so I came home with two of these cool bags which are made of hessian and lined with some kind of plastic adhesive inside. They fit a lot of my groceries in and I'll keep them in the car so I don't leave them at home.

I did some more Christmas sale shopping at Cotton On Kids, picked up some jeans and bought this cute bag. The proceeds will go towards their charitable work. Yay.

This gorgeous dress is for my niece and it's an Origami dress from Myer. Just beautiful and at 25% off it was only $29.95.


Lastly I picked up a skirt for myself. This is from Temt and was $13 (with 30% off storewide). I should be able to pair it up with a Cotton on blue polkadot knit singlet and Target black slingbacks.
I love finding a good bargain and when the kids are behaving it makes for a stress-free shopping experience.

I hope you're finding your own bargains too. Time for me to tidy up the sewing room so I can get a move on with making a few things for Christmas like an iPad case, pants for my little boy who's growing up too fast, and totes for teachers. But perhaps first, finding out what that darn smell is coming from the back kitchen.



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