GLAD Masterclass and Awesome Giveaway!

Hello everyone. I hope you've had great holidays and are now excited to have the kids back at school. I know I certainly am! During the holidays I treated the kids (and myself) to a GLAD Sandwich Masterclass at Food, Wine and Design in Leichardt. I thought it would be a great experience as I was finding making their lunches a challenge and if they could get involved then it would be less stressful for me.

Another woman who knows the challenges mothers face getting their kids to eat well is chef and mother of two, Rebecca Perry. Having run her own kids’ cooking classes at Food Wine and Design for years, Perry knows that the way to achieve this is to think outside the box to get them involved and excited about food. Perry has come up with some fun sandwiches for GLAD inspired by the things that capture kids’ imaginations. We were so excited once we got there and settled ourselves at our table with other nice ladies. Rebecca showed us how she made her sandwiches. Michael was totally hooked on her 'Angry Birds' sandwich and that was all he wanted to make while we were there. Mia made the pinwheels and Lego sandwiches.

 Here are our 'Angry Bird' sandwiches. We used crusts for the eyebrows, cheese for the eyes, green beans for the pupils, carrots for the beak and slices of wholemeal and white bread for the mouth. You could add cherry tomatoes for the feet. The filling is plain ham and he ate them on the way home. Mariah was just happy to make the pinwheels  and with some help from Danny she made some yummy hundreds and thousands wheels to eat as well.

 The kids had loads of fun and I loved the tables. The table cover is a laminated green gingham and they each had a cutting board with GLAD Baking Sheets placed on top. These sheets are so cool because they are already cut to size and fit most baking trays. I have already used them for our fish parcels and baking banana bread. Soooo handy when your fingers are sticky or you are pressed for time and just need to get on cooking!

 I got to take home a GLAD goody bag. It contained the new Easy-Cut Dispenser, sandwich bags, baking sheets. Below you can see the animal wraps and two food grade markers. I've already used the Easy-cut dispenser and I LOVE IT. One hand punch and your cling film is cut. No more tangles! Yay.
So by the end of the day they were ready to go home. This was their favourite train station! They ate all their sandwiches on the way home I am very happy to report.

So do yourself a favour and visit GLAD. The brand has enlisted MasterChef winner and GLAD®ambassador, Julie Goodwin, to come up with some fun lunchbox variations that kids will actually want to eat, as well as some tips for busy mums who want to save time in the kitchen.There are also hints and tips for busy mums such as:
  • Kid-sized packets of snack, when bought at the supermarket, are really expensive. It’s much cheaper to buy pretzels, sultanas, rice crackers etc. in big packages and divide it up yourself. Popcorn is also an inexpensive and healthy snack to make and divide into bags.
  • Divide snacks into GLAD® SNAP LOCK®Mini bags, label and keep in the pantry. Pretzels, popcorn, crackers, dried fruit and biscuits are all great for this. Cut up fruit, vegetables or cheese and divide into GLAD® SNAP LOCK® Mini to keep in the fridge.
  • Freeze sandwiches in GLAD® S LOCK®bags – this means only making sandwiches once a week. Sandwiches that are suitable to freeze include cheese, mortadella or silverside and normal spreads such as Vegemite. 
 I know you'd want to share in the GLAD joy so I am pleased to announce a fantastic give-away. GLAD would like to be able to send one of my readers:

1  x Easy Cut Dispenser
· 3 x GLAD Baking Sheets
· 3 x GLAD Snap Lock reseal sandwich bags (pack of 50)
· 3 x GLAD Snap Lock Mini sandwich bags (60 pack).
· 3 x pack of 12 animal wraps
· 3 x sandwich cutters
· 6 x edible markers

It will sure make preparing school lunches and cooking at home so much easier and relaxed! So just leave a comment and I'll draw out a winner on Monday 11th February 2013 in the morning!  Wednesday 13th February! Just realised as I work Mon-Tues I am swamped.


  1. That is an awesome giveaway- My eldest has just started Prep so I need lots of suggestions. Thanks for the link.

  2. What a great giveaway and those sandwiches look amazing! I absolutely hate making school lunches - it is so hard to keep things interesting and not give the kids the same lunch day after day after day. Count me in!

  3. Oooh I love those angry birds sandwiches!!

  4. They look so yummy. Looks like the kids definitely enjoyed the day!

  5. OMG those sanwiches are unreal! and the kids look super cute in there chef hats!

  6. I am already struggling with filling lunchboxes for a fussy eater and my kids aren't even in school yet! I like the idea of attending a class with the kids though, it's good for to not only get involved but to see that learning is something you continue doing for life, long after school is finished

  7. I love the Angry Birds sandwiches! My boys might actually eat their lunch if I made those!


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