Shopping skills

Before I do grocery shopping I like to have a bit of a browse. Most times I have a list of things on my Text/Memo app on my phone which I need to buy from the shops. It helps as I tend to forget lots of things and I get so annoyed the moment I remember what it was at home. The other day I popped into Kmart and picked up these melamine bowls for the kids at $6 - set of 4. We had a set but some of them got thrown around and they broke so here are the replacements. I love these as they are the perfect size for their meals.

The other thing on my list was a little shoulder bag. However, Equip were having a 30% off sale on their Ruby and Kit backpacks. I couldn't decide amongst the range of colours and designs on the backpacks. The lovely sales lady helped me and in the end the deciding question was "Do you want two pockets or just the one at the front?"

So I opted for one of the older style backpacks and saved myself an extra $6 so this one was just $24. Very cool budgeting methinks. I love the colour and she tells me that even the uni students fit their A4 folders into this bag. I'll be chucking in an umbrella and various assortments for work. My work pass can go into one pocket and my mobile fits perfectly in the other.

So, I've been making some interesting lunches for my kids. Namely, Michael who likes these puzzle pieces. I got this Lunch Punch cutter from the GLAD sandwich course I did. I think it's great. I still leave the edges in his lunch box so he can eat the spare bits. I don't like to throw good food bits away. There are cute princess designs and loads more and would make a great birthday present.

And because I wanted to be a bit creative I cut out an M which he has asked for again! I hope you're making some fun lunches for the kids. I did try to introduce some new foods (like chicken loaf, which I liked as a kid) but that isn't going well unfortunately. My kids prefer Nutella and PB&J. Hmmmm, must keep trying though.

In other news I made myself $140 without working! How, you may ask? Well, I had some gold jewellery which I never wear and thought I should do something with it. I asked the local jeweller if he would buy it and he said yes. I had already got a baseline quote from one of those places you see at the shops who buy your gold at the cheapest price possible *wink, wink : Do Not Sell Your Gold to them!!!* Well, my local jeweller doubled the price of *that* gold buying kiosk and I was stoked. Who knew, right???? So now, you know.

Hope you have a great weekend.


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