New Look 6931 - Kids PJ Shorts

 I like Saturdays. I want to call them Sewing Saturdays because it's the only time I leave half the chores undone and I grab a pattern and sew away while the baby is asleep. Well, he's not so much of a baby as a destructive toddler tornado but while he is in the cot I can carry on with most things as the other kids don't make too much mess. The youngest girl ran out of sleep-time shorts. To be quite honest, she never really ran out as much as mummy ran out of time to pack away laundry in the wardrobe. I don't see why it's such a big deal (daddy) as the baskets of clothes are clean. You know what I mean, ladies?
So I took out my only kids pj pattern: New Look 6931. It's pretty ok. I've only ever used the pants pattern. No, I lie/forget. I made the baby a singlet top which I haven't posted about yet. Moving on, I traced the pattern and cut them out last night using knit fabric I have my my stash. I think I was going to make myself a few tops/singlets but realised I never bought enough fabric. I had some pretty pink flowers knit and then some red/blue coloured one which I liked even better (from Spotlight).

 The first pair of shorts (pic above) I made I kinda didn't pay attention to seam allowance/hem instructions. Therefore, they took a bit longer to make/figure out and were a bit long. The second pair came together much, much, MUCH faster. I even used the iron which help tremendously when it came to hems and sewing them up. I folded up the hems twice in the second pair so they were shorter, even at the waistline. I really like the way they turned out.
 It must have been a good day because I even remembered to use my size tags I bought from Bags and Tags years ago. It's great as you don't have to guess what size you made your home made items. A good tip when sewing with knits: use the right needle, a ballpoint needle was used. I first had a 'fine' needle and I was wondering why the thread was getting sheared (head slap). Don't pull the fabric when sewing the hems as you will create a 'wave' in the fabric. You can see the wave in the first picture of the pink shorts at the top of the post. Unless you want to create the 'lettuce edge' of course which in that case, yes, pull the fabric.

Here's my 3year old grinning for me. She must like the shorts then. Two points for mummy!


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