Got 15minutes to spare?

If you've got 15minutes of spare time you could try this...

No not laying around, it's what she's on...

We bought this change mat when Little Miss was born about 2 yrs ago.
It is now in this condition. Still clean but you can see it's tearing away from the foam.
We really put it to good use unlike other things you buy for babies.

I had a glimpse at a design from Amy Butler's Sewing for Little Ones. It was green and stripey and soooo.. well... Amy Butler, complete with an overhanging piece to include lotions etc.
I knew I could never replicate anything so pretty but I would at least try to do something decent, if not for me, for Little Boy who always requires a nappy change.

I had this material ready for my niece's curtains but that one would have to wait.
I promised I'd make something and here it is. The cover for the change mat.

So simple, easy, rather pleasing to the eye.

I was thinking of trying to sew in the panels to match the depths in the change mat however, I would want to be able to wash this so it's better if it could be slipped off incase of any mishaps.
I kept the laminated material on the change mat instead of ripping it off.
If I was Amy Butler I would have tore it off but you're talking me here. Impatient, likes to cut corners, hates measuring... hee heee.

It's not bad, ... you should try something like this yourself.


  1. Great idea! We're onto our second mat and it's looking pretty sad, I'll have to give this a go.

  2. What a great idea! It looks lovely!


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