Shir, why not?

She doesn't call it Shir Madness for nothing.
I found a shirring tutorial on Sandi Henderson's site PortabelloPixie.
I thought, ok, why not give it a whirl?

Here are my tragic results.

I had to hand gather as no 'shirring' occured. Very difficult as thread breaks, elastic breaks, my patience reaches breaking point.

This is my next attempt where I tried to get my thread tension right. You can see that some lines have elastic that is a bit loose and curly.
I tried to blast the elastic in an attempt to get some gathering happening but all I ended up with were wet blotches.
I asked some 'blog' friends for advice but none of which worked for me.
This included:
using a tight tension = straight lines and straight elastic but no shirring
winding the bobbin using the machine = no more needle thread getting jammed in my bobbin case but still no shirring
using the longest stitch length = yeah, ok.. still no shirring
Not to say that it won't work for you... it probably will... but in the meantime I have given up.
Off to work on some straight sewing.
If you have any tips please share them. I need to know!!!


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