I have seen a few things that come with the territory of 'blogging'. You probably won't have them all but they are helpful tools. Here are my two:

* Camera : comes in handy because, well, you will want to show people what's happening.

* Photoshop : so you can adjust those pictures you've taken that didn't turn out the way you want, or you don't have a snazzy camera like the rest.

I've been searching in earnest to find Photoshop tutorials because it's hard to use if you don't have to time or patience to learn. Finally, I came across Pioneer Woman, who not only blogs so beautiful and inspiringly, but she takes fabulous shots and is willing to share her Photoshop secrets.

I've just tried the tricks on my two photos above and I'm so relieved to say that each step did work on my version of the software (CS2) which usually never happens.

In the rose photo I blurred the background and did the hard light overlay.
In the dad and bub photo I blurred the background and un-blurred bubby.
It really helps as I only have a Canon IXUS 70 but it's a great little thing.

On a different note, I am awaiting reply from a lady who has her own site which auctions crafty things for orphans in China. I decided a while ago that crafting for orphans would be a perfect way for me to make use of my time. I can't wait for her reply. I am thinking of making another Freya doll. This time I'll try to be more ... careful.

Oh and thankyou Sarah-Jo for your softie. It arrived last Friday and everyone who's seen it thinks it's terrific. It will be hanging on our Xmas tree when we decide to put it up.


  1. Your photos are lovely, especially the one with bub. I think I need to invest in photoshop! Crafting for orphans...what a wonderful idea :)


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