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Found another competition giveaway at Simplify by Camille Roskelley.

I've been drooling over quilts lately. So beautiful.

Christmas is inching it's way over here and I've not cut out patterns or anything.
My fabric (pictured) has arrived from the U.S. They're for my skirts. The pattern for that is on backorder but on it's way to me as we 'blog'. I am so in love with them. Both by by Heather Bailey, the first is Bijoux Tiles and Pop Garden.

To tell the truth I've been busy with some study in Children's Services. It's been taking up lots of my 'spare' time (whatever that is).
I've learnt quite a lot about children's development and I'm a lot more confident in the child care system here in Australia. Which reminds me, must look for a place for Little Miss for preschool.

I've been putting it off. I need to visit a few places and put her on a waiting list.

I found a free bag pattern at Oh Fransson. Elizabeth is sooo talented.
I love the bag. Can't wait to get started.

That's IF I get started..........


  1. Oh that fabric is lovely! I think they will look lovely sewn up too.

    Thanks for the comment in my blog about the colour pencil roll. Any chance of you blogging it? I would love to see yours too :)

  2. I made the Margaret Bag as a Christmas present, beware--you WILL want to keep it! Wrap it immediately to keep the temptation away.


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