Chocolate Lace Shorts

Remember those Japanese linen shorts I made for Little Miss that didn't fit?
Well, hubby wanted me to make another pair for her so here they are.
I cut the pattern out about a week after the last pair.
They, too, sat in my sewing room. I finish the bottom of each leg and left it.
I finally decided today that I was sick of seeing it so I finished the top waist band today.
I didn't even measure the elastic but it fit her. Yay!!!
Things to note: I cut out the 120cm size but left the length for the 90cms.
Next time I'll use matching coloured thread instead of using white.
The linen I got from a local fabric shop. The bands are Amy Butler Lace Work in Chocolate.
So how do you get a toddler to behave? Bribe her with icecream.
Here she is outside eating her icecream.
Maybe the shorts should be called Chocolate IceCream shorts instead ; )


  1. oh the shorts look super cute!
    Your lil girl is gorgeous very sweet

  2. Oh my - they are so adorable!!!

  3. Hi Kim, Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! Those little chocolate shorts you made for your daughter are the cutest things *ever*. She looks absolutely adorable! What a beautiful little family you have...

  4. Wow, I love them. They look adorable on your little one :)

  5. Hi Kim, these shorts are just so cute, love the natural/brown colours too. May I ask what pattern you used? bTW your little girl is gorgeous too, but I am sure you already know that!! (thanks for the post on my blog by the way, it is nice to see that someone looks at it every now and then!) Otherwise I feel like I am talking to myself :)

  6. Thanks Cherry, I used a pattern from my Japanese Book (now pictured on the right). I feel the same way about my blog and am so thrilled when people leave comments. Thanks.

  7. cute, cute, cute!!!

    great work, they look fantastic & you got a non-blurry pic of a toddler, that's the hardest bit i think!!

    i will try your ice-cream trick next time :-)


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