Small but satisfying

It's so cute. A tissue holder. A shame that blogger won't post my picture up the right way no matter how I try.

I found the tutorial here at Tutti Fruiti today and remembered I needed one.
It's really, really easy and quick to make. Perfect for those mummies with children who frequently like to tear up the house.

Oh how satisfying. A project that doesn't need to sit around my house, haa haa.

As I was doing the measurements I realised it was quite big? 15cm x 10cm in metric terms.
Perhaps it was one of those long tissue holders?
I made it up anyway and yes, it probably is.

It fits two of my pocket tissue packs. One set on either side. Nice.
You can never have too many tissues.

p.s if you want to make one up for pocket tissues I suggest 15cm x 6cm (inc. s.a)


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